The global blockchain industry is flourishing, positioned in the long term to remain within a developmental “golden era.” Biking Exchange, emerging swiftly as a contender, has captured public attention and garnered favor among a vast user base in a brief period.

What allows Biking Exchange to stand out so rapidly? Its core advantage lies in an integrated approach to product and market, a strategy of internal and external cultivation. Internally, it focuses on enhancing user satisfaction through more stable technology, superior user experiences, and a wealth of innovative features. Externally, it expands its market presence by offering attractive partner benefits and user activities that benefit all aspects of the business ecosystem, thereby gaining comprehensive support from users, capital investments, and partners alike.

Biking Exchange reigns as a globally leading, fully compliant blockchain derivatives trading platform, with its headquarters nestled in Singapore. Upholding the ethos of “security, freedom, and a user-first approach,” it unfolds a realm of trading services for users across over 35 nations or territories including Europe, the Americas, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong China, and Singapore, embracing a clientele that spans more than 120 countries.

Biking boasts a cadre of blockchain technology experts, gleaned from Fortune 100 companies worldwide, integrating the pinnacle of global security measures. Their dedication is to furnish users with a blend of paramount safety and unparalleled transactional convenience.

Enhanced User Experience Through Six Key Functionalities:

1.Cross and Isolated Position Modes: The cross position mode interlinks margin collateral and floating profits and losses across all positions, utilizing the entirety of account assets, including the initial margin, as floating collateral. Conversely, the isolated position approach isolates each transaction, calculating profits and losses independently based on the opening prices of each position.

2.Copy Trading Functionality: Upon activation of the copy trading feature, all opening and closing actions of the followed trader are synchronously executed, with synchronization failing only if the account balance is insufficient or surpasses the position limit.

3.Partial Closing Capability: Holding a certain number of long or short positions, users have the autonomy to select the amount they wish to liquidate, contingent on market fluctuations and their profit or loss status.

4.Reverse Opening Feature: The system automatically liquidates selected positions at the most favorable market prices and simultaneously opens an equal number of positions in the opposite direction, safeguarding users from missing out on potential market reversals or being unable to establish a position when a reversal trend swiftly emerges.

5.Margin Top-Up Function: When sustaining specific quantities of long or short positions, users can augment their margin collateral, considering the existing parameters of their current positions.

6.Spot Trading Feature: Users have the privilege of engaging in one-click, streamlined buying and selling transactions online at their convenience.

Innovative and Expedient Futures Features, Bonus Trading Functionality:

1.Expedient Futures: Offering a zero-slippage, user-friendly, and more seamless contract experience, these are tailored to be accessible and accommodating, catering to both novice users and high-volume traders.

2.Bonus Trading: This innovative mode of utilizing promotional funds has been widely embraced, appealing significantly to a broad spectrum of users through its engaging and rewarding approach.

Millions of Users Across 35 Countries, Broadly Acknowledged by Capital Investors

Biking has captivated a global user base of 1.2 million, spanning 35 countries, including Singapore, Europe, South Korea, China, and Southeast Asia. Currently, the Biking exchange has secured a strategic investment of 20 million US dollars (equivalent to approximately 130 million RMB) from Singapore-based capital firm Intabing, underscoring its significant financial endorsement and market trust.

Dual MSB Licenses Propel Global Compliance to New Heights

Biking has proudly secured MSB (Money Services Business) operational licenses, granted by the United States and Canadian financial authorities, marking a monumental advancement in Biking’s global compliance strategy. This achievement symbolizes a significant milestone, reinforcing the exchange’s commitment to regulatory adherence on the international stage.

Exclusive High-Rebate Offers + Generous Rewards for a Limited Time

Regarding the recent platform’s contract agents recruiting demand, what are the requirements to be a contract agent, and what benefits will be given upon joining?

With a strategic blend of product innovation and market acumen, biking navigates through the thicket of competition among exchanges

For detailed information on partnership recruitment, please consult the online customer service on the Biking official website.

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