how to make yourself cry

Ever wonder how actors make you cry? It turns out that there are several tricks that help achieve the desired effect. Here are the most effective ones. The actors’ tears on the screen look realistic? Nothing unusual. Most often it is about emotions.

Why should you cry

Tears have a moisturizing and cleansing effect on the eyes. They consist mainly of water, sodium and bactericidal substances. They appear during emotional situations, as well as due to irritation of the eye by a foreign body or chemical substances. Tears also occur during the feeling of relief associated with a decrease in the level of adrenaline. Often crying occurs as a result of joy and happiness. In these situations, tears harmonize the body, which can not cope with strong emotions. Excessive dose of excitement is therefore inhibited by crying in the same way as laughing in a stressful situation. After crying, blood pressure decreases, the brain is more oxygenated, and emotional tension decreases.

crying yourself

How to make yourself cry

Memory of exciting past situations

The actors can recall the events that were extremely painful for them or caused them tears of joy. Thanks to this they are able to play them back in front of the camera or in the theater audience.

Rubbing eyes

Actors who really want to make you cry but don’t have an emotional connection with the hero can … rub your eyes. All they need to do is close them for a moment, rub them lightly with their hands, then open and look at one point for 30 seconds without blinking. Apparently guaranteed effect.

Higher level of empathy

Entering the hero’s shoes takes you to a higher level when you need to lose weight, gain weight, learn Latin dance or spend a few days in a psychiatric hospital. Even more commitment requires living the story written in the script – and this is supposedly an effective way for tears to appear in the right scenes. Conclusion: the most devoted actors do not have to resort to tricks for sadness. This one appears naturally.

Vaseline for the lower eyelid

Arielle Toelke, a television and film make-up artist, reveals that petroleum jelly is one of the must-see preparations that should be on every set. Vaseline is applied to actors to obtain the effect of wet eyes and moist from the tears of the face. According to Toelke, wet cheeks (by association) stimulate the body to produce real tears.

Menthol spray

There are also special applicators on the market that help in crying. One of them is menthol spray, which when reaching the eye, causes tears.

Imagination first of all

To cry on cue, you must visit those places where we do not venture on a sunny day. When asked about how they evoke tears, the actors answer about the imaginary death of a beloved animal or friend. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčleaving a child or mother can bring a stream of tears, but also remorse. Maybe it’s better to try to cry over the extinction of humanity in general? And the viewer will be pleased, and the actor as a private person prepared for the onset of a climate disaster.



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