how to kiss a girl

A kiss is an extremely pleasant way of contact between two people. Kissing is like riding a bike, once you learn it, you’ll never forget how to do it. Just as there are no two identical people, there are no two identical kisses. Everyone has their preferences in this matter. How to kiss to please yourself and your partner? If you haven’t learned the kissing techniques yet, nothing is lost. It’s not that hard.

Why the first kiss is so important

How to kiss It is definitely worth acquiring this skill, because kissing is one of the most pleasant things that a person has to deal with. Practice makes perfect. But where to start? If you haven’t learned how to kiss yet, check how to go about it.

The first kiss can be compared to a laboratory test, whether our bodies will cooperate together at all. Of course, this happens a little beyond our consciousness, but it is very important for the further course of events. Finally, the memory of this moment stays with us for years.

kissing girl

For a woman, your smell, taste of your saliva is a message whether you are healthy and whether your genes combined with her genes could, as if it came about what, could be a good building material for any child. No, don’t stress. She is also not aware that she is checking this. It’s nature.

Take care of fresh breath

Pulling out chewing gum and treating it to your partner is almost an invitation to kiss. But research shows that suppressing natural body odors may not be a good option. The strong smell of mint does not allow her to recognize whether she is dealing with the right partner. And remember – do not smoke just before the meeting

On the contrary – it raises subconscious anxiety that you can hide something. It is better to stop at thoroughly scrubbing your teeth and tongue, and if you do not have such a possibility, rinse your mouth with a solution of water and salt (about two teaspoons per glass) – it will kill bacteria.

Make it work

First, close your eyes. It seems obvious, but not everyone remembers it. Most people close them automatically when they are lifted. However, if stress overcomes you, you can forget about it, and the partner who will have closed eyelids may feel uncomfortable.

Remember – tilt your head. Your… noses may get in the way of a successful kiss. To avoid causing a “collision”, tilt your head slightly.

What to do with your hands while kissing

They are to be active – move them on her back, arms, neck. Women especially like when they gently embrace the face with both hands. Most of them consider it a particularly romantic gesture, which is associated with admiration for its beauty.

And beware – it’s clear that your hands are inevitably heading towards her buttocks and breasts, but try to stop at the beginning. There will be a time when the kisses will become sharper and deeper and your partner will begin to stick harder to you with her whole body. Preferably, a taxi will take you to your destination.



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