What is jailbreak iPhone and is it worth doing on your phone? We present the most important news about jailbreak iPhone.

What is jailbreak iPhone

One of the biggest disadvantages of iOS is its close connection to the App Store. Thanks to it, the user has much less opportunities to programmatically damage his device and infect him with malware, however, this lock should be optional, enabled by default. So that aware users can install the programs they want on their device.

No wonder that many years ago, when Apple was a bit less efficient in patching iOS security holes, jailbraking – and thus removing iOS security – was so fashionable. 

What do we do before proceeding with Jailbreak

  • We back up data from the device.
  • We restore the software via iTunes if we performed the update via OTA.
  • We connect the device and make sure it is detected by iTunes.
  • We turn off Find my iPhone and lock code.
  • We run the program as an administrator.
jailbreaking iphone

How to jailbreak your iPhone

  • Download the PP Jailbreak tool.
  • Click the large green button.
  • We have to wait until the code to be entered appears.
  • We go to Settings → General → Profiles and accept the profile so that we can install the PP application.
  • We open the PP application and allow it to send notifications, then tap the circle and block the screen of our device.

After the notification appears, we wait 2-3 minutes, the displayed notification means that Cydia is being installed at this moment. At this point, we leave the device alone and wait for it to restart.

Do not remove the PP application, because you will need to enter the Jailbreak mode again if you turned off the phone / restarted or the battery has run out.

What does jailbreak give

Access to system files

All those who feel advanced in programming appreciate the ability to access system files. They can then create improvements, additions and modifications on their own, thanks to which they will adapt the iPhone to their needs.


Maybe this is not the most important nail of the program, but quite important. The unlocked iPhone allows you to modify the standard interface of the phone. You can change icons, wallpapers, lock screens or the appearance of the dock.

Should you jailbreak your iPhone

As we can see – there are a few pros. Jailbreak can change the iPhone beyond recognition, which is quite often not good for him. However, there are a few minor but:

Jailbreak iPhone is tantamount to loss of warranty.

IPhone performance drops significantly when you unlock the software. Over time, when you install dozens of applications through Cydia, you’ll notice that your device works much slower, the battery drains faster, and the iPhone sometimes overheats. It is also noticeable that after Jailbreak the iPhone boots up longer.

iPhone without Jailbreak is fast. What Apple gave us for use works perfectly. The SMS inbox opens lightningly, Safari works flawlessly, and the keyboard writes without any cuts, i.e. everything we lose unlocking the iPhone (though not always).



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