How do you get herpes

Recurrent infection with the herpes simplex virus (HSV) is one of the most common viral diseases of the skin and mucous membranes. By following a proper diet, calming your nerves or drinking a lot of water – depending on the cause – you can avoid it. Discover ways to relapse herpes.

What are herpes

Herpes around the mouth and around the nostrils is caused by the Herpes Simplex virus – HSV type 1. HSV-2 mainly infects the genital area. The most important feature of herpes is the ability of the HSV virus, especially of the HSV-1 type, to latency (sleep, which can last from several hours to several dozen years) and to activate in response to such factors as:

  • stress, fatigue
  • illness e.g. cold, fever, general weakness
  • menstruation
  • low temperature or strong sunlight, sun exposure (UV radiation)
  • trauma, dental treatment
getting herpes

Herpes – symptoms

Because the HSV 1 virus may manifest itself under the influence of hormonal changes, some women, as part of an additional attraction, have a painful and ugly efflorescence every month on the lip.

This is the meaning of herpes life: from time to time, when it is properly stimulated, it crawls from the depths of the nerves to the surface of the skin, most often it is the border of the lip, where it first manifests itself burning and painful, then explodes with tiny, swollen bubbles, itchy and painful, and then turns into a scab, which disappears after the next few days. How well it goes without leaving a scar. The follicles formed on the lip are filled with serous contents, followed by purulent discharge, which, as previously mentioned, turns into a scab. Before painful blisters appear, tingling, burning, itching and mild pain may be felt. The symptoms of skin and mucous membranes are very similar. 

What not to do with herpes

Do not touch it, unless to apply the medicine – wash your hands thoroughly before and after.

If herpes spread to other parts of the body – consult a doctor. In case it affects the eye or eyelid, be sure to go to an ophthalmologist.

When using contact lenses, wash your hands thoroughly to avoid eye infection.

Complications of herpes

The herpes episode lasts from four to ten days. It seems that there are worse things than a few pimples on the lip for a week, and of course it is, but despite the low health harm (with social a bit worse, because the virus spreads very easily), you cannot underestimate the HSV 1 virus.

First of all, you need to be careful not to transport it from the lip to the eye, because it can cause keratitis and even ulceration, which can result in blindness. So it’s best to wash your hands thoroughly after each finger contact with the outbreak of herpes.

Very rarely, but it happens that on the way to the lips, the virus that sets off from the ganglion ganglia stray towards the head. It can cause meningitis or encephalitis; very difficult to treat. And even when cured, it leaves unpleasant neurological consequences.


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