6 Ways to Stay Awake While Watching a TV Show Before Bed

Staying up late to watch your favorite TV is fun. However, it is hard to do it sometimes because it is easy to fall asleep before the TV show ends. This is usually common if you are watching a boring or a long TV show. Most people don’t get enough sleep, so they fall asleep quickly because of lack of sleep.

The following are 6 ways to stay awake while watching a TV show before bed

  1. Choose a Good TV Show

Most people love different TV shows. Choose a TV show that will not bore you to sleep. The best TV shows to watch are those with music and fast-paced action. They have a lot of action, so you will stay away because you want to see these actions. Love-based TV shows are also great because they have good stories that keep you interested in the show.

  1. Get Some Rest

Once you decide to watch a TV show on a certain night, get enough sleep the night before the night you will watch the TV show. You will feel rested when you are watching the TV show. If you have been working hard in your job or at school, sleep for a few extra hours. You can also take a nap during the day, especially if you did not get enough sleep the night before your TV show.

  1. Drink Cold Water or Coffee

You can drink ice cold water when watching the TV show. If you love drinking coffee, you can drink hot or cold coffee. Drinking cold water or coffee helps you to stay awake. But this may not work for you. If you drink cold water or coffee but you still fall asleep, choose another drink. You can try soda. By the way, taking energy drinks can also help. The goal is to find a drink that makes you feel more awake when you are watching.

  1. Eat Snacks

Eating snacks keep your mind more occupied. What are the best snacks? Chocolate, ice cream, burger, popcorn, or a sandwich. The taste of the snacks and the chewing movement keeps your brain more active, so it is hard to fall asleep.

If you do not want snacks, chew gum or take candy. In fact, candy has sugar. And it has been proven that sugar gives our bodies a quick energy boost.

  1. Stay Frosty

Do not snuggle in your bed. Why? It makes you warm and the heat makes you feel tired and sleepy. What do you do instead? Sit on top of your bed because it makes you uncomfortable. So, you will not fall asleep. Do not wear socks. Open your windows, especially during summer. If you have heaters, turn them off. The goal is to keep the room cold.

  1. Use Earphones

When you use earphones, the sound goes directly into your brain. This helps you to focus on the TV show. And it helps you to stay awake because you will focus on where the noises are coming from. If you are watching a TV show that has a lot of action, sudden gunshots, explosions, and even car chases shock your brain so it keeps you awake.

These are 6 ways to stay awake while watching a TV show before bed.


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