How to be a Bond Girl with Léa Seydoux

“How to be a Bond Girl with Léa Seydoux” is Vogue’s original short directed by Jeremie Rozan, and published just a few days ago on the YouTube account of Vogue UK, that sees their November cover star teaching “how to be the most alluring and deadly creature known to celluloid“. You can have a look to it below, and you can also enjoy some of Léa’s latest interviews for French and English magazines such as Dissembalces Magazine (in french) and The Guardian. I’ve also added the HQ scan of US Vanity Fair’s feature with Léa, Monica and Naomie.


The Lobster: New Still + Featurette

I’ve just added a new still from the eagerly-anticipated movie “The Lobster“, and below you can anjoy a very nice featurette with all the actors from the main cast being interviewed (and director Yorgos Lanthimos too) between some exclusive scenes from the movie. You can also check out the facebook page of The Lobster’s korean distributor for more features and the MV with even more exclusive sneak-peeks.


INBEDWITH – Lea Seydoux: not just a Bond girl

INBEDWITH is a French online fan magazine that published just a few days ago a very nice interview with Léa, in which she talks about her role in Spectre, the fears and the surprises on being chosen to represent the next Bond girl and some flashbacks to the beginning of her career and the everyday life. You can read an extract below, and the whole interview at this link. Enjoy it!

So this is how you found acting, by looking for your place in the world?
I was frightened. I think life is frightening. I had to survive. It’s a very human feeling, we have enormous abilities in terms of surviving. In our countries it’s not like war or anything but there is always an inner war, my own personal fights. Sometimes life can be very peaceful and quite, but you have to fight every day, we all fight.

Vogue UK – The Spy Who Loved Me

I’ve just added the cover story of Vogue UK in our gallery and the feature Léa has in the latest issue of Vanity Fair Italy, plus some more scans from TuStyle (Italy) and Empire UK. Also, right below, you can have a look at Sam Smith’s new music video for the Spectre theme song called “Writings on the wall“, which features some new scenes from the upcoming James Bond movie. Enjoy!

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Léa covers Vogue UK November 2015

As the premiere of Spectre is getting closer day by day, the promotional campaign has just started and the first beautiful surprise is already out! Léa is gracing the romantic November cover of Vogue UK of which you can find the HQ scan in our gallery. Plus, right below, you can have a look at the interview that Léa made with Dave Bautista and Christoph Waltz in Mexico, in which they talk about their characters and experiences during the shooting of Spectre. Enjoy!