HOBO Magazine – Léa

I’ve added some exclusive scans from the Hobo Magazine editorial to our gallery! Léa is photographed with an amazingly beautiful Iberian Lynx (the world’s most endangered cat) for this black and white cover story, published along with an interesting interview. Enjoy!

Sorbet Magazine #10: The 007 Issue

Léa is gracing the cover of Sorbet Magazine for their Winter issue, a quarterly independet magazine ‘that explores fashion, art, affluence and everything in between’. In the interview, which comes along with a beautiful cover story, Léa talks about her role in ‘Spectre’, her everyday life and, last but not least, her favourite sorbet. Check out our gallery for HQ scans!

‘Spectre’ Premiere in Beijing

The Asian tour to promote the new Bond movie has just started! On November 10th Léa and Daniel Craig were in Beijing to present ‘Spectre’ to the Chinese public, and on the 11th both actors were in Changsha, Hunan Province of China, to attend the recording of TV program “Day Day Up”. You can browse some pictures of the Beijing Premiere by following the link to the ‘Spectre Beijing Premiere – Photocall’ gallery on our Tumblr, check them out!


The Edit – Bright Spark

The weekly online magazine The Edit is featuring Léa for the second time this year and the interview that comes along with the editorial is a very nice read. She talks about Madeleine Swann, her character in Spectre, but also her views on life and her childhood too. You can read the whole interview by following this link, and enjoy a cute video from the shoot right below. Enjoy!

‘Some people are not born strong and they invent themselves, and so they become strong individuals by their own will. I think I’m part of that. I made myself strong.’
Léa Seydoux – The Edit

‘Spectre’ Premiere in Paris & Mexico City

Spectre‘ is opening in more cities; Paris and Mexico City being the latest ones. On October 29th, Léa attended the Paris premiere at Le Grand Rex wearing a marvelous Miu Miu peach gown. The premiere in Mexico City, where some part of the film was shot, took place last night and Léa was photographed alongside the cast for the photocall in a black and red long-sleeve dress from Miu Miu as well. Later in the evening, she appeared in a stunning custom-made red gown once again created by Miu Miu for the red carpet. You can browse the gallery and take a look at pictures from both events!


Le Petit Journal – Interview

In conjunction with the premiere of ‘Spectre’ in Paris on the 29th of October, Léa attended some french tv shows as Le Petit Journal on Canal+, C à vous and 20H on TF1. You can watch the TF1 interview conducted by Gilles Bouleau by following this link , the C à vous on their YouTube channel, and the Le Petit Journal one right below!


Gallery Update & More Interviews

I’ve finally updated the gallery with the latest covers and editorial that featured Léa in the past few weeks! You can have a look to Rhapsody Magazine, SNC Russia Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, ELLE Japan and GQ Italy HQ scans! Léa has been also interviewed by TODAY Online and Harper’s Bazaar UK, watch it below!

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