Name: Léa Hélène Seydoux-Fornier de Clausonne
Birthdate: July 1st 1985 in Paris, France

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Blonde
Height: 168 cm
Nationality: French

At the age of 9 she joined a music conservatory as she dreamed of becoming an opera singer to perform the role of Carmen in the opera by Bizet.

Granddaughter of Jérôme Seydoux, Chairman of Pathé and Grandniece of Nicolas Seydoux, Chairmar and CEO of Gaumont.

Christian Louboutin is Léa’s Godfather and an old friend of the Seydoux family.

She was born in the 16th district of Paris (Passy) but grew up in the 6th district, Saint Germain.

Léa grew up surrounded by artists such as photographer Nan Goldin, Lou Reed and Mick Jagger due to the connections and friendships her father had.

Her mother, Valérie Schlumberger, is the founder of ASAO (Association pour le Sénégal et l’Afrique de l’Ouest), that supports the renovation of a former cinema in Dakar (Senegal) to create a place for the kids that live in the streets.

Léa is the Godmother of Empire des Enfants an association founded by her mother in Senegal. She is also the image of CSAO and their Jokko jewelry line.

Léa is a big, big fan of Michael Jackson and has confessed to secretly practicing his choreographs.

Loves jewels and diamonds.

‘Beauty and the Beast’ by Jean Cocteau is her favorite movie. She loves costume movies, such as Pascale Ferran’s ‘Lady Chatterley’.

Her favorite actors are: Charlie Chaplin, Fanny Ardant, Isabelle Huppert, Ingrid Bergman, Jean Seberg, Anna Karina.

Her favorite book is “The Empty Canvas” by Alberto Moravia and “The Allure of Chanel” by Paul Morand.

Her favourite food is Bun Bo, a Vietnamese spicy beef noodle soup.

Léa likes baking, especially apple crumble. She once considered becoming a pastry chef but didn’t like the idea of waking up so early in the morning.

She gets her hair done at David Mallett’s hair salon in Paris.

At 18, she decided to become an actress and took acting classes at drama school Les Enfants Terribles.

In 2006, she was offered the job of American Apparel’s model when she run into the brand’s CEO while walking around Paris without make-up on and wet hair because it had been raining.

Participated in the music video for the popular french singer Raphaël and his song ‘Ne partons pas fâchés’ in 2009.

When she was 12, she received from Christian Louboutin her first pair of red-sole shoes.

She has six brothers and sisters.

Her sister Camille is her stylist.

Appeared in the 4th place in Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed List in 2012.
Her fragrance is ‘Safran Troublant’ by L’Artisan Parfumeur and of course, Prada Candy.

Her favorite directors are Woody Allen who she got to work with in “Midnight in Paris” and Pedro Almodóvar.

Her dream birthday party would consist of Friedrich Nietzsche, Michael Jackson, Charlie Chaplin, Maria Callas and Serge Gainsbourg.

Her favourite brand for jeans is Acne and favours old-fashioned jeans from the 90s with a high waist and doesn’t really like skinny jeans.

In regards to jewelry, she likes Anna Rivka jewelry in Le Marais – she adores her rabbit rings.

She enjoys shopping for clothes in outdoor markets in Paris, St. Ouen being her favourite.

For shoes: Prada and Christian Louboutin.

She enjoys the flan and macaroons from Gérard Mulot in St. Germain des Prés.

She attended summer camp in Maryland, USA for six years where she stayed in cabins and did canoeing and volleyball.

Has a fear of inertia above all things.