‘Robin Hood’ Screencaptures
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I’ve finally managed to upload quite a few high quality screencaptures of Léa in Robin Hood. Although her role is very brief, she looks absolutely stunning. Check it out!

Having her cake and eating it
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The Daily Mail claims that Léa is the next big international actress.

‘Yes, and tonight I’m a cupcake,’ the actress joked, as she showed off the apricot tu-tu dress with basque top she created with designer Jean Paul Gaultier. [..]
In between drags on her cigarette (the ash kept falling on her frock), she urged me to see Rebecca Zlotowski’s film Belle Epine, which screens tomorrow in the Critics Week section.

In the film, Ms Seydoux plays a 17-year-old involved in the world of illegal moped races.

‘It’s about speed and escape,’ she enthused.

Actually, a friend has already seen it and told me that if I wanted to see the next big international actress, then I’d better catch it. I’ll munch on a croissant while I’m watching.

In other news, here’s an interview of Léa talking about “Robin Hood” (in french):

‘Robin Hood’ Trailer
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Great news, the first trailer for ‘Robin Hood’ is now online. And what’s better, Léa is on it! Check it out.

You can look at some production pictures here (unfortunately, none of them are of Léa).