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‘Lourdes’ Trailer and New Old Scans

Here’s the trailer for ‘Lourdes’, the quality is not very good but at least it’s something! Hopefully a better quality one and more info about the film will be released soon.

I’ve also added the scans from the October 2008 issue of the french Glamour which Nora has very kindly donated and translated the article for the site.

GLAMOUR : Can you introduce yourself ?
Léa Seydoux : I grew up in Paris. I just turned 23. That’s it.

In what have we seen you and what’s new ?
I started with a comedy for teens, ‘Mes copines’, by Sylvie Ayme. I have had a small part in Catherine Breillat’s movie, ‘Une vieille maîtresse’. You will also see me in a movie by Bertrand Bonello which is out in October, in ’13 French Street’ by Jean-Pierre Mocky and ‘La Belle Personne’ by Christophe Honoré. I just finished a movie with Sylvie Testud.

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