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Interviews Update

Léa has been interviewed for many Japanese websites and magazines since “Farewell, My Queen” debuted in Tokyo a couple of months ago. We have interviews for SHOT Magazine, The Fashion Post, and Elle Japan.


Young French actress Lea Seydoux from ‘Farewell, My Queen’ talks about herself and the upcoming film. ‘Farewell, My Queen’ starts showing in Japan from December 15.  

What is ‘Farewell, My Queen’ about? What kind of character did you play?

I played Sidonie Laborde, a girl who serves Marie Antoinette by reading out loud to her. She was an unknown figure, but she did exist. The writer, Chantal Thomas, created the original story of ‘Farewell, My Queen’ based on materials preserved in Versailles and through her imagination.

What do you think is particularly good about the film?

It’s really interesting seeing the story unfold inside the court, including the details about the Queen’s personal life. The servants’ lives are also very well depicted.  

What kind of actress would you like to be?

I would like to be a chameleon-like actress who can play a variety of roles. But for this, I need to be focused and be confident about myself.

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Léa Seydoux and Benoit Jacquot for

Léa for SHOT Magazine

Interviews Update

Some new interviews have been published online while Sister continues to conquer US theaters. This week-end it opens in cities like Cambridge (MA), Washington (DC), Pasadena (CA) and more. Take a look at the full w-e list here.

“I work a lot now—which I like. But I didn’t know what to expect. When I made the decision to be an actress I didn’t know what that meant. You know it was strange because I was sure I was made for acting. But it wasn’t easy. It took time. I had to work, learn … get beyond my fears” – Source

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BFI London Film Festival

Yesterday evening Léa attended the “Sister

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premiere during the BFI London Film Festival at Curzon Mayfair in London, along with Ursula Meier, Gillian Anderson and Martin Compston. Some pictures have been added to the gallery, enjoy!