Dazed Magazine – Léa Seydoux: Life in the dream

Léa graced the cover of the London based magazine DAZED. The covershoot that takes place in a fantasy film set with 70’s vibes in it comes along an interesting interview that you can read on DAZEDDIGITAL.com by following this link. Léa’s also been featured in the September issue of Esquire US of which we’ll share scans very soon. Enjoy!

“I don’t have any preconceived ideas of myself, I just take things as they come. My proudest moment is when I’m part of a good film, when people are touched by it. I had a dream recently where somebody was moved (by a part that I played). More than moved – shocked, even. I do films to touch people. I’m not reading reviews and critics, I don’t care. I guess I’m still a little on my own planet.”

Léa interviewed for DAZED on dazeddigital.com

EDIT: Scans from Esquire US and the DAZED Magazine Cover have been added to our gallery, enjoy!


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